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#whylib – Why I became a librarian

April 4, 2014

#whylibI wish I could say it started with a burning desire or a lifelong passion or a journey that started in my childhood. But I can’t. Here’s my story: I went to college a year after graduating high school to study Musical Theater. I dropped out to live off the grid in the Appalachian Mountains. I spent my young adult life in the “job-of-the-month” club. I was a Camp Counselor, Shoe Repair person, Food Stamp Eligibility Specialist, Leather Fabricator, Front Desk Receptionist (newspaper office), Secretary, Fine Art Salesperson, Singer, Actress, Writer, Mat Cutter, Waitress, Live Sound Tech, Lighting Tech, Production Assistant and Studio Manager. When my son was born I re-enrolled in college and earned a B.S. in Commercial Music Recording and Production. I graduated when I was 33 years old. In November of 1994 my daughter was born. I was working as a Technical Liaison/Project Manager with a sports and entertainment marketing company. That job expected a high level of time commitment since our projects were usually staged on evenings and weekends when the rest of the world was out to play. During my maternity leave (a very, very short 6 weeks), I read an article in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution about how there were more jobs for media specialists than graduates to fill the positions. I didn’t know what a media specialist was but it sounded like something akin to what I was already doing. Plus, it was a school position so I’d have the same schedule as my daughter and her older brother. I began investigating, realized what the job entailed, got my paperwork together to enroll in Georgia State University’s graduate program, took the GRE, got accepted, and started that August. Now, it just so happened that I was visiting my dearest friend one day in May of 1995 and noticed a copy of The Jewish Times on her coffee table. While I waited for her to get ready to go out, I picked it up and skimmed the articles. When I got to the back page I noticed an ad for a Media Clerk at a nearby private school. I applied for the job and got it. When I told my boss I was leaving he said, “How much will it take for you to stay?” I replied that I was taking a pay cut to leave – and that was that. To say I was fortunate to be working in a library while I earned my degree is an immense understatement. I was able to go to class on Monday night and then come in on Tuesday and try things out under the supervision of a very willing school librarian. When I graduated, I was promoted to the Media Specialist position and stayed there until my daughter started kindergarten at which time I moved over to the public system in which she was enrolled. In fact, through an amazing sequence of circumstances, I ended up as the media specialist in her elementary school under the supervision of my son’s former principal. Being a library media specialist allows me to be creative. It allows me to explore. It allows my innate ADD to flourish because something is changing all the time. I love being a part of a child’s journey of self-discovery through reading and literature. I love hearing their stories and then connecting them to stories that resonate and change them. I love making bulletin boards and QR codes and book trailers and media displays and websites and videos. I hate to admit it but sometimes, when I need a brain break, I even love laminating (please don’t tell my teachers…) So… was it luck or divine intervention? I believe that if we open our eyes to possibilities, the universe conspires to place us where we need to be. My friends will tell you that whenever I’m ready to try something new I’ll say, “Let’s throw it out to the universe and see what happens!” I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and there is a deep level of satisfaction in being able to say that. I know that when my working life is over I will still be a librarian in my heart and soul. I’ll be the old lady in Barnes & Noble organizing the Teen Fiction section… Follow me! @sksgrigsby