Schools Must Bring Creativity to Blended Learning

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Too often, schools bring only tepid energy to the blending of traditional and online learning, Charles Mojkowski says.

Susan Grigsby‘s insight:

This is an excellent thought piece that’s worth reading. I love this statement: "the importance of technology is not technology. It is rather in the nature of the partnership that humans form with technology. And, as in any partnership, each partner must bring something of value to the table." But the author goes on to say that the very structure of school is the biggest hinderance to technology’s ability to move into these new domains that hold such promise for individualized learning and learning outcomes. I have been thinking this for years: the factory model of school in which rows of students in classrooms are expected to achieve a "grade level" expectation ignores the individual, ignores creative expression, and plays to the fallacy that one’s age determines what one should be able to do. Humans are not cogs in a wheel and genius comes in many styles of clothes…

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