Design Your Class Like A Video Game

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How Video Games Have Mastered Learning Engagement Agreeing on how to best establish what a learner understands isn’t simple — if for no other reason than understanding isn’t simple. Gamification and game-based learning (which are different,…

Susan Grigsby‘s insight:

Another excellent article from TeachThought. Here’s what caught my eye (because I completely buy in to this concept): What would happen if a student was required to unlock the next assignment in a project-based learning environment? In light of students demonstrating irregular progress rates — especially in middle school — holding a student back because they are struggling with an idea doesn’t make sense.

What would happen, indeed? A more motivated student? Fewer unintended messages that say the student is "dumb" or "can’t get it?" Share this with teachers and have a discussion about why this is so important…

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