Flip Your Classroom Just in Time

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To understand why the flipped classroom is so revolutionary, we have to understand how it changes a basic task of education.

Susan Grigsby‘s insight:

I love this: "In a flipped world, the teacher’s burden has shifted from knowing what to knowing where." This is the world in which school librarians have lived for quite some time. We have know forever that it is less important to KNOW the information than it is to know WHERE TO FIND the information. Haven’t we all started "googling" questions? Used a search engine to find a recipe or how to do something? Setting up the classrom to reflect these real-world changes in how we learn makes so much sense.

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One Response to “Flip Your Classroom Just in Time”

  1. keith.hamon Says:

    I think you are correct, Susan. Librarians have long been curators of knowledge; thus, they have lots of expertise and insight to bring to the discussion about how to manage the shifting role of teachers in Education 2.0. Thanks for this connection to librarians. I need to think about that some more.

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