Checking in to Computers in Libraries 2011

Well, AirTran left on time, arrived on time, and provided an uneventful trip. The DC Metro is another story. I accidentally got on the blue line from the Reagan Airport when I should have gotten on the yellow. A very friendly DC native kindly pointed me in the right direction and I managed to get to the DuPont Circle station 2 transfers later – are there any escalators actually working in DC right now? Frugal me decides this is a better way to get to my B&B than the $20 cab fare and by the 4th block going up hill I was re-thinking my decision. Lugging a 20th century laptop that’s heavier than the sin of Adam, my backpack (with apple, tangerine, napkins, umbrella, raincoat, notebook, eReader, and purse), and my suitcase up the broken escalators and the hill to Columbia Avenue had me out of breath and working on a healthy sweat. I got to the American Guest House, punched in my code, and met the most wonderful inn keeper (young, handsome, and complete with a French accent) who greeted my like an old friend. I’m in a little room in the basement of the house (frugal me, remember?) but there’s a beautiful wooden mantel over a fireplace with an ornate cast-iron insert, a 4-poster bed, oriental carpets, and sunny, lime-green curtains. Ahhh…

Tomorrow morning I will be Skyping in to Elkins Pointe Middle School. Mr. B’s first period class is getting started on a video production lesson and he wasn’t comfortable leaving it up to the sub or post-poning. I’ve already done a test run thanks to the wonderful EPMS tech specialist Ms. S and I think I’m ready to roll. I’m going to Skype with my daughters tonight just to be sure.

I’m so excited about this conference and I’m really nervous about my presentation. It was well-received in Georgia but who knows how it’ll fly at the National level? I’m pretty sure I have all my “ducks in a row” but I’ll be a lot more relaxed on Tuesday afternoon when it’s over! After my session I’m hopping on the train to go to the main D.C. library branch for a Google class. I’ll be sure to let y’all know what I learn there. I’m looking forward to meeting the Google folks, too!

Well, my stomach is telling me that it is time to eat and I want to pick up some food before it gets too dark. There are so many choices – I passed Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Thai, coffee shops, Johnny Rockets, and more just between the train station and here. I guess I’ll venture out and see what I feel like when the aroma hits me! I’ll be logging in to my Twitter account, too so stay tuned! Good night!


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